Black and White

Got home found a box on the deck. Knew what it was. Early. Took out my knife, cut open the box; styrofoam peanuts. Dove in and came up with a 7 octave keyboard. Glee. Pulled it out set it on the table. Gloom. The pitch bend wheel was gone; punched into the machine, but I could see it. When you buy “as is” off Ebay what do you expect. Well, I expected it to look like the photo. The one with an intact pitch wheel. Flashlight spilunking. Doom. This probably means it won’t function at all. Plug it into USB. Lights flash on. Hope. Call up music program, depress keys. Sound comes pouring out. It works. Change gears.

Disassembly was a delicate task. Best to go slow when you don’t know the terrain. Forty screws later. Oh, the screws they used were too small. I go buy bigger ones. Reattach pitch bend wheel (two screws). Start reassembly. 40, 39, 38, 37, … 2, 1. Test keys. Some notes hang. Note Offs not recognized. First the G above middle C. Then that self corrects, then A,A#,and B one octave above. Then B two octaves below. Waste of time and money. Grrr. Continue reassembly anyway. Last screw. Set keyboard in another position; in doing so I had to change to a longer USB cable. Works perfectly. IT WAS THE DAMNED USB CABLE. What a bargain, how brilliant I am.

It’s bedtime +. I’ll review the keyboard later.