Day 21

Today marks the end of a three week stint of eating Paleo. The biggest change that I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel hungry, like I used to. Now hunger is more of a choice than a compulsion. Now hunger means “you should eat sometime within the next few hours.” It used to mean, “FOOD, NOW!”

And the definition of food was much broader then. Now it means anything paleolithic humans could obtain with the aid of a sharp stick, and requiring minimal preparation. Before reorienting to Paleo ┬áit meant, anything inside the local Food Zoo. So if it was on the menu 40,000 years ago it’s okay, but if it comes from the center isles of the store you probably want to avoid it.

I had resisted getting on a scale for most of the 21 days, but acquiesced yesterday. I hadn’t felt a great difference or noticed a change in shape, but the scale says I lost 20 pounds. I think I’ll keep this up.