The Snow Came

This was days ago, but I wanted to share it. We had a sudden snow storm. Big fat wet flakes clustered on every surface. The snowballs were great, so long as you didn’t compact them. Within a half an hour the limbs on all the trees were coated white. We were playing a sort of snowball ambush scenario when CRACK. Three sections of a low hanging tree collapsed under the weight of the snow, falling onto the porch of the studio. There was no real damage, other than the poor tree. There were words of sadness, which I agreed with, but also in my heart there was glee.

That tree had punched me in the face regularly, as I was walking up onto or down from the porch for years, but I could never bring myself to cut it back. With one gentle snow the weather had absolved me of guilt and cleared away the menace. I cleaned up the debris with a smile on my face.