I really wanted to try a USB Ubuntu setup on my computer. Felt so smart. There I was in Terminal typing out the commands to format the USB stick. Really I was only following the written instructions, but it felt empowering, like when a program performs the way you wrote it to perform. It actually took a few tries because I kept assuming that I was doing something wrong, but no. After my efforts, I find a forum thread that clearly states that the USB stick boot on a Mac is just a dream, and it’s all Apple’s fault.


I believe it’s just too much trouble to figure out for the Ubuntu crowd, because the return on investment would be so low. As only a few Applelites would make the switch.

So since that didn’t work I go the DVD boot route, only to find that it too is mostly a fantasy. If I had lost my weekend to a success I would feel okay, but now I just feel stolen from. Ubuntu, please take down the enticing invitation to waste one’s Sunday afternoon following¬†spurious instructions in pursuit of a fantasy. That is all.