Dubba Kick

There I was lying in bed. It was late and I was only just able to talk myself into going to bed. Right then, an idea occurred to me. What if I could re-voice the hi-hat pedal to become a second kick drum pedal on the SD9K. Then I triumphantly went to sleep.

Years ago I would have gotten up as soon as the idea struck me and started testing the hypothesis, but some quiet wisdom (exhaustion) counselled me to get my sleep. Impulse drive disengaged.

This morning I got up and started pushing buttons on the SD9K controller box. I chose a User Kit to edit. Called up the edit function, set my kick to ‘maple 24’. Called up the hi-hat pedal and edited it to trigger the ‘maple 24’. And Boom, or perhaps I should say Boom Boom.

Boom Boom, Boom BaDoom, Boom BaDoom BaDoom, Boom BaDoom BaDoom BaDoom, BaDoom Dooma Dooma Doom, Doom Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma Dooma…

Guess I got carried away. But it worked. And the hi-hat pedal still closes the hi-hat, so with a bit of finess I don’t have to change patches to play an open/closed hi-hat pattern. I just use a calmer foot to do it, because my big foot goes Boom.